An Advent Litany for our partnership, A Watery Advent Wreath

This year we are encouraging all congregations in our partnership to use the same Advent Litany. It is specifically an Australian litany using imagery and symbols particularly relevant to our hot summer. It was written by one of our ministers, Ps Annette Buckley. Some of our congregations have used it in the past. Feel free to Contact either Ps Annette or Rev Peter for details as to how to set up your wreath or if you have any questions. Please Click Here to access the full document.  

Downloadable Booklet Pages for Watery Advent

Watery Advent Folder 1   |   Watery Advent Folder 1B   |   Watery Advent Folder 2   |   Watery Advent Folder 2B 

There are many ways the Watery Advent Wreath can be done. The photos on this page display various options but there are others as well. Some congregations have just presented glasses in a line and used ordinary tap water. Some have chosen to place them inside a wreath made from native Australian plants and flowers with a central large glass, vase or carafe. Some have used food colouring dyes to colour the water purple and pink. Some have placed the large glass/vase/carafe inside a large glass salad bowl, especially for the Christmas Day component when the water is poured into the large glass so that it then overflows into the bowl. Some have used water from various sources including a dam, a bore, a creek/river, rain water, tap water or even from the sea. Feel free to use your imagination.


Watery Advent 1 - In this option, the glasses are placed in a line in front of a large clear glass salad bowl. There is a large glass (pilsner glass) in the centre of the bowl. An alternative would be a vase or a carafe. Around the bowl are placed branches and flowers from a Australian native bottle brush bush to make a wreath. Flowering gum leaves and flowers are a great alternative. I used what was available at the Partnership office.


Watery Advent 2 - Again the glasses are lined up in front of the large bowl.

The first two glasses have had 2 drops of blue and 1 drop of red food colouring placed in them prior to the pouring of the water. Clear water was poured into the glasses but then appear to go purple. The third glass has only 1 drop of red food colouring in it prior to the filling. You will need to experiment beforehand to obtain the effect you want.


Watery Advent 3 - Here the glasses are placed around the central large glass with the branches and flowers arranged around them in a wreath like fashion.

Be aware that live branches and flowers die over a few days so you may well need to replace them each week.

Bible Study followed by Worship preparation

One of the strengths of working as a Partnership is the team support we can provide for each other. Meeting together to prepare for worship and explore deeply the scriptures helps us grow and be encouraged in our various ministries and congregations. We can ask questions, listen and learn from each other.


Each session begins with listening to the various scripture passages designated for the Sunday week following. We explore them beginning with the questions and issues to come to mind in our reading. A conversation is established between the passage and our experiences. We listen to each and to each other seeking to allow the Spirit of God to bring life to them. Anyone is welcome to attend this part of the program.


Following a short break, we then proceed to consider the coming worship services being developed. It is a great opportunity to share ideas and explore alternatives. Some use it as an opportunity to plan their services, others to support their fellow worship leaders while others stay to learn more about leading worship.


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